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Welcome Pointsrush

POINTS RUSH is a multi-brand loyalty program presenting many incentives to its members. With a vast array of affiliate brands, POINTS RUSH members can earn points for every purchase and redeem the same for exciting incentives at any affiliate brand.

POINTS RUSH offers many additional benefits as compared to a conventional loyalty program limited to any one of particular brand. Its reach is far wider offering customers combined benefits from diverse brands. Our affiliate brands include pharmacies, restaurants, general stores, spas, salons, etc. So members can earn multiple points on everyday purchases which can be redeemed simply thus, drawing customers towards POINTS RUSH. Additionally, there are attractive offers to gain more points on repeated visits, special discounts through points and deals catering to different groups of people. These aspects make POINTS RUSH unique and enviable.

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Why Multi-Brand Loyalty Programs Are Attractive

  • A bigger base of potential customers
  • Better, faster marketing across more channels
  • Less financial outlay, as the costs are shared among member companies
  • A more comprehensive understanding of the customer
  • Rewards that keep customers happy and engaged
  • Motivation for customers to try new in-program brands

Collect Points - With every purchase during every day life

Redeem Point - Get wide selection of redemption options